two convicts found dead in their cell

Two death row convicts found dead in their cell.

Two American convicts who were awaiting the death penalty in a California prison were found dead in their cell.

The authorities suspect that both convicts committed suicide in the state prison of San Quentin. The cause of death is currently being investigated.

Andrew Urdiales

One of the sentenced convicts, 54-year-old serial killer
Andrew Urdiales, did not respond during a security check on Friday. He died the
next morning. Urdiales was sentenced to death in October for five murders in California
in the 1980s. He had already received the death penalty for three murders in
Illinois, but that punishment was reversed back to life sentence when Illinois
banned the death penalty.

Virenda Govin

The 51-year-old Virendra Govin was found dead in his cell
one day later. He was convicted in 2004 for committing four murders and arson.

California, where 740 prisoners are currently on death row, has not had a single death sentence since 2006. The main cause of death is old age or suicide.

Both were the only one in their cells, causing the
authorities to suspect suicide. For the time being, no connection is assumed
between the two deaths. Autopsy should reveal the exact cause of their death.

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