Budapest protests

Thousands of Hungarians are protesting against new laws of prime minister Orbán.

In Budapest thousands of people went out on the streets on Friday night to protest against the nationalist prime minister Viktor Orbán.

The protestors demanded that the minister repeals the new rules on overtime for workers. After a long march through Budapest the protestors gathered in front of the parliament building. It is already the sixth gathering of protestors in ten days. The reason for all the protest is the parliamentary decision in favour of a law that stipulates that employers may ask their employees to make 400 hours of overtime per year. The protestors speak of a ‘slave law’. The new law will be effective from the first of January. Many fear that this new law could lead to a 6-day work week.

The protesters also claim that the state broadcaster is only reporting government friendly news. Furthermore, they are outraged by the restriction of scientific freedom and the corruption among high government officials and their relatives.

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