Twitch Streamer Ninja

This is how much Twitch streamer Ninja made in 2018

Fortnite Ninja

Twitch streamer Ninja Earned Nearly 10 Million dollars in 2018.

2018 was a good Year for the Streamer Ninja. He managed to net almost 10 million dollars, the streamer explained this in an interview with CNN.

Ninja or Tyler Blevins broke several records in 2018, including the record for most simultaneous views for a Twitch stream. He did this when he played the game Fortnite with rapper drake. Ninja now has over 12.5 million followers on twitch and 40,000 subscribers.

However, not all his income comes from his twitch streams. Some of his revenue comes from advertising on his YouTube channel. Usually, his videos are viewed a few million times.

Some of his other forms of income are his sponsors Such as Samsung and Red bull. He is also the First E-athlete that ever appeared on the cover of the ESPN magazine.

In the video below, you can see some of his Best moments and highlights while playing Fortnite in 2018.
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