Soulja Boy with headband

The REAL reason Soulja Boy wears his Gucci headband everywhere.

SOulja headband 2

Soulja Boy: “I will keep wearing this headband until I have a number 1 song on billboard”

In an hilarious interview with non-other than Soulja Boy the question we have all been asking is finally answered. Why is Soulja Boy always wearing his Gucci headband? Many people commented on the famous headband that it was worn-and stretched out. Someone even pointed out that the headband ‘won the 10 year challenge’.

However, turns out the rapper actually wears it for a reason, besides it looking fabulous of course. In an interview, the rapper explains why he is still wearing the headband after someone made a comment about the head band. The rapper said “I got this s*** on as a symbolisation”. He showed of a big stack of cash saying: “I can go buy 30 of these headbands bro!”. He added, “I will keep wearing this headband till I have a number 1 song on billboard”.

In an episode of EverydayStuggle, Soulja Boy gets interviewed by Nadeska, Wayno And DJ Akademiks. In the interview they talk about his comeback in 2018 and his recent interview with the breakfast club and the reactions from other rappers to that interview. However, the only thing we all really wanted to hear was: ‘Why are you still wearing the headband?’

In the video below you can see the full interview and at 36:16 you can hear the comments on the headband.
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