Tekashi might get his bail Approved

Tekashi 6ix9ine might be released this month from federal custody.

6ix9ine bail might get approved

Tekashi’s lawyer set up a Bail package of 1.5 million dollars to get Tekashi out of federal custody.

Good news for Tekashi 6ix9ine fans. Tekashi might be released from federal custody for 1.5 million dollars and his word, which will be decided during his hearing which is scheduled later this month.

Tekashi’s trial will not start until September 2019. Therefore, his lawyer Lazarro put together a bail package. Lazarro intends to ask the court to set Tekashi’s Bail at 1.5 million dollars. In addition, he will plead that Tekashi is currently not a danger to the community and not a flight risk.

Lazarro intends to file the motion before Tekashi’s next court appearance. The next appearance of Tekashi will be later this month. This motion will give Tekashi some time in the outside world again until his trail which is scheduled in September.

The crimes Tekashi is suspected of and will have to face trail for, are at least three Armed Robberies. Furthermore, Photo and video evidence exist to sustain these allegations. So, this bail might be Tekashi’s last chance at some freedom for a long time.

In the video below, you can see a lawyer talking about Tekashi's Chances of getting the bail package approved.
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