6ix9ine during pre trail

Bad news for Tekashi, His pre-trial went totally wrong.

pre trail tekashi 6ix9ine

During Tekashi’s Pre-trail is was determined that his lawyer might have conflict of interest.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Pre-trail conference Took place last Tuesday. During the trail it was ruled that the current lawyer of 6ix9ine might have to stop his involvement in the 6ix9ine case. This was decided because Lance Lazzaro, the current lawyer has also represented two other co-defendants of 6ix9ine. This could potentially lead to conflict of interest to the case.

In the past, Lazzaro had represented two of 6ix9ine’s co-defendants, Faheem Walter and Kifano Jordan. He did this before he had accepted the case of Tekashi. The judge mentioned that he did not understand why Lazzaro didn’t mention this earlier because this could easily lead to a conflict of interest.

What happens next is Lazzaro can not represent 6ix9ine until he proves that there is no conflict of interest. Furthermore, he needs to give a written explanation of his prior dealings with the other cases. If Lazzaro cannot meet these demands, he will be relieved from the case. However, Tekashi’s other lawyer Dawn Florio will probably continue to represent Tekashi during his case.

Tekashi hasn’t applied for bail either. There was a rumour that a bail package was put together and that during this hearing it would be discussed whether 6ix9ine would finally be allowed to have some temporary freedom until his trial in September. However, this was not the case. Hopefully they will pick this up during his next pre-trial on the 27th of February.

In the video below a lawyer is talking about what happend at the pre-trail.
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