Stan lee dies at the age of 95
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Stan lee, The legend of Marvel dies at 95.

Stan lee, Creator of Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes died at the age of 95

For nearly all the cartoon characters made by Stan Lee, there are also movies in which they appear. Stan lee often appeared in these movies as an extra. He often played small roles with only two or three lines of text. Furthermore, he played simple character such as a bus driver, security guard, mailman or a normal citizen. Stan Lee is considered by many as an Icon and one of the biggest in the industry, but these modest roles are showing us that there is a lot more to the man than you would think.

Stories with a message

At a young age Stan lee was already active in the comic
world. At the age of nineteen he worked on the comic, Captain America. After
the second world war he managed to create his own style. Many of the characters
he made up, had superpowers but also flaws or weaknesses. In this way stan lee
could create stories in which he would put messages to the viewers. For example,
he warned against the use of drugs and was against racism and discrimination.

In his last years Stan Lee struggled with some problems such
as fraud and other accusations. But despite his hard history Stan lee’s creation
made it from comic books to putting them on the big screen, this inarguably
changed the entertainment industry radically.

Cameos to come!

Although we will miss the man and his cameos, we will keep enjoying his work. In December, an animated version of Spider-Man will appear in the Cinema, it will be called Spider-man: Into the spider-verse. In this version a black boy called Miles Morales will be the super hero Spider-Man. Furthermore, we can expect to see Stan lee appear on the big screen as well. Some of the recordings for the cameos in the newer marvel movies have already been made. We hope we can see him in the movies: Captain Marvel, The Avengers 4 and Spider-man: Far from home.

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