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Soulja Boy goes wild on social media video after being accused of using Crack.

Soulja Boy 2018
Soulja boy sitting Source: Youtube Dj Mask off

Rumours of Soulja Boy using crack after social media rant about best comeback 2018.

So many rumours are out there saying Soulja Boy is doing crack. Now Obviously for many this was just seen as a joke. However, Soulja Boy didn’t take the jokes so lightly, and went completely off on social media again. Yes… Again. You probably have a ton of questions right now so lets just start at the beginning.

It all started after Soulja Boy went completely wild on social media. You see, Soulja Boy actually had a pretty good year in 2018. In fact, with all the effort Soulja Boy put in his music career you could almost say that he has the biggest comeback of 2018. At least, this is what Soulja Boy believes. Now what happened of course there were people who said Soulja Boy didn’t have the biggest comeback. How dare they. Well Soulja Boy didn’t like that so he expressed his thoughts on social media.

Below you can see why the Soulja Boy has the biggest comeback of 2018.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with the guy being on crack? Well what happened after this is many ‘internet people’ must have thought that it was pretty funny how the rapper reacted. So of course they decided to continue the fun. What happened is some people decided to accuse the now 28-year-old Soulja Boy of using crack.

They took an old photo of the rapper and set it next to a new one. While some fans actually stood up for the rapper and simply stated that he had aged while others started to believe the rumours.

So, what happened next? Well Soulja Boy decided to prove once and for all that the rumours are just rumours in what he thought was the best way. Going off on social media. Basically, what the rapper said was that his appearance had nothing to do with drugs. He explained that he was recently in a terrible accident that almost cost him his life and that is why his face looks a little bit different.

Now we don’t want to spoil all the fun so below you can find the video with Soulja Boy’s comment on the drug rumours.
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