Samsung apology to workers who fell ill.
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Samsung apologizes for the employees who have become ill or died working in their factory.

Samsung made an apology for the workers that got ill or have died.

On Friday Samsung Electronics  apologized for the sickness and deaths of some of its workers, saying it failed to create a safe working environment at its computer chip and display factories.

Samsung Electronics on Friday apologised for the employees
that have died or gotten ill due to working environments. The apology of the south
Korean conglomerate was part of a settlement between Samsung and some of the
sick employees and their family.

Furthermore, Samsung admitted that the working conditions in
their chip and screen factory’s were unsafe, Saying it failed to create a safe
working environment at their chip and screen factories.

Dozens of employees in the factory’s where chips and LCD screen were created, became seriously ill, some of the disease are leukaemia or a brain tumour. In some cases, the disease led to the dead of an employee. Some of these cases go as far back as 10 years.

A Settlement.

According to the settlement, the workers can receive a financial compensation for their trouble. All workers that fell ill from 1984 in the chip and screen factories may receive a compensation. Furthermore, they will also receive a compensation if one of their children has a congenital illness.  Some of these compensations go as high as 150 million won or 132,000 dollars.

However, Samsung never admitted that the poor working
conditions were the cause for the illnesses that the workers obtained while
employed in the factories.

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