Cyberattack on the czech ministry of foreing affairs.

Russian hackers accused of an attack on ministry in the Czech Republic.

Czech rebublic accuses Russia of launching a cyberattack on their Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The Czech government has accused Russia of being behind a cyberattack on the Ministry of Foreign affairs. This was published in a government report on cyber security.

“In 2017, our country was hit by cyber espionage”, The report states. “The most Significant example of this is an attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

The Attack was noticed in early 2017 by the ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the report, the Russians managed to get access to theministry’s communication system. This gave the Russians access to 150 different e-mail accounts of employees of the ministry. Furthermore, all e-mails and content were copied.

At the same time, another cyberattack was taking place. Through this Cyberattack hackers were also trying to get access to the before mentioned E-mail accounts, the attack started in December 2016. This time the hackers tried to steal Log-in data from the staff.

Russian hack groups responsible
for the attacks.

The Czech government is certain that the Russian intelligence service FSB was behind the attacks. The Czech Republic could also prove that the hacker groups APT28 and Sofacy were involved. Both groups have already been linked several times to the Russian government. In the past Russia had been accused several times of cyberattacks on other countries as well. In October the Dutch military intelligence and security service (MIVD) Said that a cyber attack on the Regulator of the ban on chemical weapons in The Hague had been thwarted.

Read the full report here

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