DMX Released from jail

Rapper DMX has been Released From Prison.

DMX Released from prison

Rapper DMX has been released from prison today after having served his sentence of almost a year.

After spending almost, a year in prison the rapper is finally free. DMX was supposed to be out on the 27th of January. However, he was released a few days earlier because of the weekend.

In 2017 DMX or Earl Simmon, pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges. He was accused of a multi-year scheme. This allowed DMX to avoid a large sum of taxes he had to pay. In total DMX avoided over 1.7 million dollars in taxes.

DMX managed to avoid taxes for years because he mostly paid in cash. Furthermore, he had people helping him by paying with his money and he used a bank account that wasn’t in his name.

In the end DMX was really lucky to get such a short prison sentence. If he was convicted on every account, he could have gotten up to 40 years in prison. In addition, this wasn’t the first time the rapper got arrested. DMX had quite a few legal issues such as marijuana and cocaine possession. He was also arrested for animal cruelty, driving under influence, trying to steal a vehicle and violating his parole. Let’s hope DMX Stays on the right side of the law this time.

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