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R. Kelly on Documentary

R. Kelly is disgusted by accusations made against him in documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’.

Surviving r kelly documentary

R. Kelly Denies all accusations and claims he did not watch the documentary ‘surviving R. Kelly’.

R. Kelly claims he did not even watch a minute of it. The Documentary puts the singer in a bad light. R Kelly said that he was disgusted by the documentary in which many shocking allegations are made, including that R. Kelly had sex with underage girls.

R Kelly thinks the Documentary is a form of revenge towards him by the producers and several others that hated him throughout his career. R. Kelly is aware of who appeared in front of the camera during the documentary and says that he knows at least half of them. He adds, that there are several people that wanted to tell his side of the story and clear up some misunderstandings, but the producers weren’t interested in this.

In the documentary several women appeared who claim to have been a victim of physical, mental and sexual assault by R, Kelly. One of them said that there is a difference between R. Kelly and Robert Kelly, the singers full name. She added, R Kelly is a nice smiling sweet man, but Robert is the devil. This shows how serious some of the accusations are.

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper.

Chance the rapper or Chancelor Bennett, was also in the Documentary. In the documentary Chance said that his collaboration with R. Kelly was a mistake. Chance worked together with R. Kelly in 2014 and 2015. The rapper gave his point of view on the happenings which he also shared on social media. He wants to raise awareness for the oppression of black women. He claims that less attention is paid to them if they are a victim of a crime compared to when it happens to white women. He added, this is probably why R. Kelly was capable of going on with impunity for so long.

However, R Kelly has no intention of letting it all sit. He claims he will take everyone who has anything to do with the Documentary to court.

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