New deadpool movie, Once upon a deadpool.

20th Century Fox and Marvel are coming with a remake for Deadpool 2.

The remake will be named Once Upon A Deadpool. The new movie is made to be attractive and appropriate for a younger audience. The movie contains no cursing and no excessive blood. Eventually the movie is supposed to be PG-13. Furthermore, every dollar that the movie makes is going to goodwill. Fox wanted to make a Deadpool version that PG-13 a long time ago, but the main actor Ryan Reynold only wanted to do It if a part of the revenue went to goodwill. In this case a part of the revenue will be going to the charity organisation called ‘fuck cancer’, or ‘Fudge Cancer’, as it is called temporarily.

New scenes.

For the remake the studio has shot new scenes and casted the actor Fred Savage for the movie. In the trailer you can see Deadpool Abducting a grown-up Fred Savage. However, the story of Once Upon a Deadpool will be the same as Deadpool 2.

Once Upon a Deadpool will be shown in theatres on Dec. 12th.

You can watch the trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool below.

Source: 20th Century Fox, youtube.

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