North korea

North Korea blows up 10 guard posts

North Korea Dismantles ten Guard posts in an agreement with South Korea.

Today on the 20th of November, North Korea blew Up some of its guard posts stationed at the front-line on the border with South Korea. This was part of an agreement in order to ease the tension between North and South Korea.

Seoul’s Defence Ministry confirmed the Dismantling of the Ten Guards posts of North Korea. In a statement of the Defence ministry they also said that North Korea had informed them about the demolition ahead of time.

The Demilitarized zone.

South Korea Had about 60 different post inside the demilitarized zone, which was manned by troops with machine guns, North Korea had an estimate of 160 of such Guard posts. By the end of December North and South Korea are going to verify the Dismantling of the guard post done on both sides of the border. However, no decision has yet been made about when the remaining guard post will be torn down.

Both the Koreas have also made preparations to Disarm their border truce village in Panmunjom, only 35 unarmed personnel from each side will be send to this village. Furthermore, they have begun removing Land mines in the Front-line area in order to search for Korean war dead.

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