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Jesse Pinkman new movie breaking bad

New Breaking bad movie will be about Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking bad new movie

The new Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel to the series and the story will be focused on Jesse Pinkman, who again will be played by the actor Aaron Paul.

The Movie will be aired on Netflix and later also on The American channel AMC, where the original series where also broadcasted.

It is already known that the film will be written by Vince Gilligan, the maker of the series. There are some romours that say that he will also direct the movie. The story will be around Jesse Pinkman who is trying to escape when he gets kidnapped.

The original series was about the chemistry teacher Walter white played by Bryan Cranston, that got diagnosed with terminal cancer. The character than decides that in order to provide for his family he needs to get money, and through his former student Jesse Pinkman he ends up in the production of Crystal meth.

There was also a prequel series made which is called Better Call Saul. Its is about the lawyer Saul Goodman, who also played in the original series as the lawyer of Walter White. The show can be seen on Netflix and its fifth season is already being made.

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