Avengers 4 movie trailer leaked

New Avengers 4 movie Official trailer released.


The trailer for the sequel of the movie Avengers Infinity War has been leaked. The new movie will be called Avengers: Endgame.

The new movie is expected to be available in theatres in April next year.

In the trailer you can see some of the heroes struggling with the aftermath of the movie Avengers Infinity War. You can see tony stranded in space and many of the heroes still on earth are dealing with the loss of some of their closest friends who got erased by Thanos.

The trailer also shows us Ant-man (Paul Rudd) and Hawkeye ( ). Both didn’t make an appearance in the movie Infinity War, but now we can expect more of them for the upcoming movie. In addition, its not yet clear if Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will play a roll in the upcoming movie. She will have her own movie also called Captain Marvel which will be released on the 6h of march before the new Avengers movie.

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