Mysterious rectangle iceberg!

Mysterious rectangle iceberg! NASA’s most bizarre finds yet!


NASA captures image of a bizarre, perfectly rectangle iceberg.

Nasa has revealed an image of Antarctica showing an rectangle iceberg so perfectly shaped, that it almost seems like someone cut it in this particular shape. However odd it may seem though NASA said it is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon. The image which was taken of the iceberg was part of NASA’s operation ice bridge. Part of this operation was photographing the Earth’s polar ice to gain a better understanding of the connections between the global climate system and the polar regions.

Tabular icebergs are formed differently.

It is often said that there are no straight lines in nature it has happend before, although very rare. Most people when they think of an iceberg will immediately picture a pointy chunk of ice with a large part covered by sea water. However, these tabular icebergs are quite different compared to the general iceberg. As shown in the picture, tabular icebergs are actually large slabs of ice. Their shape has vertical sides and a flat top. Are presumed to form when breaking off from ice shelves. NASA explains that in this case it likely came from the deteriorating Larsen C the same shelf that saw a 2,200 square-mile, trillion ton iceberg break away last year.
Picture showing a straight iceberg which creates a perfect balance between the ice, the sea and the sky.
It is thought that the iceberg has emerged recently, Seeming that the waves and the sea wind hasn’t eroded the iceberg’s straight edges yet. The iceberg is estimated to be more than an mile across. Not to mention, like common icebergs, barely ten percent of its mass is visible above the service!

NASA tweeted about the recent discovery.

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