Most distant object in our solar system found.


Object found on the edge of our solar system more than 100 times further than earth.

Far away in our solar system, further than all the planets, an object was found that orbits around our sun. It is the furthest object in our solar system that has been discovered so far.

The distance from the object to the sun is approximately 120 times the distance from the earth to the sun. This is three time as far as Neptune which is the planet that is the furthest from our sun.

The name given to the object.

The name that was given to this object is 2018 VG18 or Farout which means far away. In the past explores have found other objects on the edge of our solar system. However, they are closer to the sun than ‘Farout’.

Little Is known about ‘Farout’. It is estimated that it takes ‘Farout’ a thousand years to turn around the sun once. The object is about 500 kilometres in diameter, has a round shape and seems to have a pink glow. This could mean that the object contains ice. In addition, ‘Farout’ might be classified as a Dwarf planet, just like Pluto.

Some researchers believe that there is still a ninth undiscovered planet within our solar system. They call this planet “planet X”. Now, with the discovery of ‘Farout’ they are researching its orbit around our sun in order to calculate if there is a Planet Far away that is pulling the object with its gravitational pull.

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