Crash icy roads Caljon pass.
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Massive pile-up due to icy roads near Cajon Pass California.

40 vehicles crash into each other during chain-reaction crash due to slippery roads.

The northbound freeway 15 near Cajon Pass in southern California was closed for several hours during Christmas morning after a chain-reaction crash in which multiple vehicles drove into each other due to very slippery roads. The chain-reaction crash involved at least 40 vehicles and some larger vehicles such as trucks.

The collisions started around 6:30 A.M and took several hours before the road was cleared again. The road was reopened around 10:30 A.M. At least nine people were driven to hospitals due to injuries. However, no one was in critical condition. It is still not clear how the collisions started and whether the drivers were going above the speed limits.

In the video below you can see how the vehicles crash into each other due to the slippery roads.

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