Lil Waynes Sues Lawyer

Lil Wayne is Suing his own lawyer for 20 Million Dollars.

The one and only rapper Lil Wayne is suing his lawyer Ronald Sweeney for 20 million dollars. His lawyer represented him from 2005 to 2018. According to Lil Wayne, his Lawyer stole 20 million dollars from him.

According to Lil Wayne, Sweeney charged a wage of 10 percent of every deal he closed. Sweeney never mentioned this to Lil Wayne. The normal wage would have been around 5 percent. Furthermore, Sweeney tried to earn even more money of off Lil Wayne by trying to get 10 percent of all the profits of Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. However, this was stopped by Lil Wayne.

Over the course of ten years. Ronald Sweeney managed to earn over 20 million Dollar according to Lil Wayne, therefore he is suing him for this amount. In addition, the lawyer of Lil Wayne did call in a separate law firm who also got a large amount of settlement cash in a case with Birdman and Cash Money Records, besides the fee that the lawyer received himself.

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