Italy Fines Facebook
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Italy imposes a fine on Facebook of 10 million euros for data abuse.


Italy has given Facebook two fines which sum up to a total of 10 million euros.

The reason for this fine is that Facebook would mislead users about the processing of their data.

The fines were imposed by the Italian Competition authority, according to The Guardian . It was stated that Facebook is misleading its users when making a new account. It was said that Facebook was unclear about which data would be collected and used for commercial purposes.

According to the authorities, Facebook had put much emphasis on the free use of
the service. Users are insufficiently informed about the revenue model of the
social network. Furthermore, Facebook urges users to share data with websites
and apps from third parties. This is of course done without explicit and prior

More than just a fine.

The fine of 10 million is not the only thing Facebook will get, The Company is
now obligated to publish a statement with apologies for all users in which the
processing of user data is explained.

In a Statement, Facebook says that they hope to work together with the authorities
on a solution. They also promised to make the rules clearer in order to make
the users understand better how Facebook uses data and how their revenue model

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