Ross lookalike hunted by blackpool police

Friends Ross lookalike hunted by the Blackpool police!

Police identify David Schwimmer lookalike 'restaurant thief'

A post on Facebook by the police in northwest England is going viral after they posted a photo of a thief who could be David Schwimmer’s doppelgänger.

Within half a day, the post had received more than 70,000 comments with most of them making jokes
about the thief’s looks who seem to match with David Schwimmer who played Ross
in series Friends.

As the post gained more and more attention, David Schwimmer joined in on the fun and posted a video himself. The video shows a hilarious spoof of himself leaving a New Yorkshop carrying a crate of cans, mimicking the photo of the thief. “Officers I swear it wasn’t me,” he teased.

The gif has been viewed at least seven and a half million times, while the
post has been retweeted more than 175.000 times and is has been liked more than
590,000 times. understand the Blackpool thief has not been
caught yet.

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