Protests in France over Fuel price raise

France postpones raise of gas prices till 2020.


The French government has postponed the increase in taxes on petrol and diesel until after next year.

Prime minister Edouard Philippe defended a six-month postponement in the parliament. The initial plan was for the government to make the fuel prices more expensive around the coming turn of the year. This was part of a plan to reduce the harmful effects of fuel emission on the climate and the environment. However, the protest by the demonstrators in the yellow vest brought the French government to reconsider. In October, you would pay an average of 1,56 euros for a litre of petrol in France. A year earlier, 1 Litre of petrol would only cost you 1.24 euros. The litre price of diesel saw a similar rise, 1.24 to 1.52 euros.

Demonstrations Escalated.

The protests against the tax increase on fuel started last month with hundreds of blockades on some important roads. Furthermore, the protests escalated even further last weekend. In Paris alone, 133 people were injured during riots, including 23 police officers. Over four hundred people were arrested. In addition, the famous Arc de triomphe was plastered with slogans and some protestors even went as far to vandalise the inside.
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