Rapper cadet died in car accident

Famous British Rapper Cadet died in a car accident.

Rapper cadet died.

The British rapper Cadet passed away Saturday morning. The artist got in a car accident while on his way to a performance. Blaine Cameron Johnson, the late rapper’s name, had just turned 28.

His family has confirmed his death on the Instagram of Cadet. “We want to share the sad news that Cadet has died on the early Saturday morning.” The late rapper was in a taxi on his way to a performance.

Several colleagues from Cadet have also expressed their sympathy. “I cannot believe it,” DJ Semtex shared with us. “I was on stage with him last week, and I’ve never seen a man so happy.”

Cadet was supposed to perform at the British Wireless Festival in early July.

The rapper grew up in London and broke through with the label that he formed with MC’s Konan, Krept, and Redz. In 2016 he released his first solo album The Commitment, a year later he released his most recent album The Commitment 2.

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