Iphone 8 seen from the back

Eight Things you didn’t know about the Iphone 8

Apple celebrated their tenth anniversary last year, this also came with no less than three new models.

The iPhone X is the best performing model released by apple last year. The design and level of technological innovation in the iPhone X makes it one of the most popular smartphones that are  currently on the market.

The other two devices that were released, were the iPhone 8
and 8 plus, these phones also came with new features compared to their
predecessor, but have slightly less gadgets and an outdated design when
compared to the iPhone X.

However, the difference are smaller than one would suspect. In Some Aspects the iPhone X is not necessarily better than the Iphone 8, this combined with the cheaper price makes up for plenty of reason to opt for the iPhone 8.

Below you can read the top 8 reasons to pick the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X.

1 – choosing iPhone 8 Will save you money.

For most people the price is probably the most important
reason to pick the iPhone 8. The price of the iPhone 8 lies around 810 euros,
while the more luxurious iPhone X has a price tag of at least 1160 euros.
Picking the iPhone 8 can save you more than 300 euros while still giving you a
brand new smartphone with similar functions.

2 – Touch ID.

Instead of Face ID, the iPhone 8 has Touch ID, the
fingerprint sensor that has become the standard for unlocking your phone.

Face ID certainly works properly – even in the dark or if
you have a cap on it – but the fingerprint scanner does its job faster and
without necessarily having to look at your screen. Furthermore, it almost never
occurs that an error message pops-up.

3 – The Same processor!

Functionally, the phones are identical. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all have the A11 bionic chip from Apple build in, just like the one M11 coprocessor that processes data from the motion sensor, gyro sensor and the compass. Also, all devices run on operating system iOS 11 and they will get an update to iOS 12 this autumn.

4 – Identical Cameras – Back

If you find photo quality important when selecting a
smartphone, you will want to know more about the differences in camera between
the 8 and the X. Well, there are hardly any.

The iPhone 8 has a good camera, but the larger 8 Plus adds a
second telephoto lens that can optically zoom in so that you do not lose image

The only feature that the iPhone X has more is optical image
stabilization for both lenses at the back. This comes in handy in low-light

5 – Identical Cameras – Front

On paper, the selfie cameras of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are
as good as the lenses on the front of the iPhone X. Technically, it is 7-megapixel
cameras that film video in HD quality of 1080p.

The differences are therefore in the extra software on the
iPhone X, such as the portrait mode and Animoji. But you may wonder whether
such small differences are worth the higher price.

6 – Both models have speed charging.

You can charge all three of the latest iPhone models
wirelessly and quickly, Wireless charging can be used through additional
accessories. It is possible with a charging station of Mophie or Belkin for
example. The costs: 54.95 euros. Later this year Apple will release its own
wireless charger called AirPower.

Unfortunately, fast charging is not possible with the standard charger that is supplied. In order to use fast charging, you can purchase two accessories from Apple: a USB-C power adapter (59 euros) and a USB-C cable (25 euros). Fast chargers are included with most new Android phones as standard.

7 – Longer battery life.

The iPhone X has an impressive battery life. In most tests,
the iPhone X lasts 12 to 13 hours on a full battery.

However, the iPhone 8 goes even beyond that with an average
battery life of 13 to 14 hours. With the iPhone 8 Plus you can even count on 14
to 15 hours or more depending on how you use it. The iPhone 8 plus is one of
the few phones where you can almost be sure that you can go a full day with it.

8 – You can use your previous phone covers

The dimensions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus correspond almost to the millimetre with the 7 and 7 Plus models. This means that your new phone fits perfectly in the cover of your previous phone.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is completely different in
size and therefore unsuitable for re-using old covers. Another extra purchase
on top of the already higher price. Not to mention, a lot of people customize
their covers and might prefer to keep using it.

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