Souljaboy on Ariana Grande

Did Ariana Grande Steal Soulja Boy’s Flow?

Ariana Grande in 7 Rings
Ariana Grande in 7 rings.

Ariana Grande’s new song for 7 Rings has same flow as Pretty Boy Swag.

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has claimed that other artists have stolen or copied his style. Now the thing is, in a interview on the BreakfastClub. Soulja Boy claimed that Drake stole his flow as well. People commented on twitter that ‘it wasn’t the same’ or ‘it was just the intro to the song’. And some even went as far to say: ‘Drake did it better’.

However, Ariana Grande released her song for ‘7 rings’ and fans are starting to think that Soulja Boy might have been right all along. In a video on Instagram they discussed whether Ariana Grande did in fact stole Soulja Boy’s flow. It Does kinda sound similar. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

In the Instagram video below they compare the two songs.
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Arianaaaa?????? Ariana?!

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