Richest man on earth has announced his divorce.

The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who is currently the richest man is getting a divorce. Jeff and his wife Mackenzie Bezos announced a joint statement that they will get a divorce and will try to continue on as friends….

Italy imposes a fine on Facebook of 10 million euros for data abuse.

  Italy has given Facebook two fines which sum up to a total of 10 million euros. The reason for this fine is that Facebook would mislead users about the processing of their data. The fines were imposed by the…

Samsung apologizes for the employees who have become ill or died working in their factory.

Samsung made an apology for the workers that got ill or have died. On Friday Samsung Electronics  apologized for the sickness and deaths of some of its workers, saying it failed to create a safe working environment at its computer…

Eight Things you didn’t know about the Iphone 8

Apple celebrated their tenth anniversary last year, this also came with no less than three new models. The iPhone X is the best performing model released by apple last year. The design and level of technological innovation in the iPhone…

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