Cardi b on shotdown trump

Cardi B calls for actions against shutdown of Trump.

Rapper Cardi B is afraid of shutdown United States and tells fans that we should take action.

Last Thursday, Rapper Cardi B expressed her concern about the shutdown that is currently going on in the United States for more than three weeks. She put a message up on Instagram. She mentioned that she didn’t know what had to be done but she was afraid and that we all should take action  

The shutdown Cardi B was referring to the order from president Trump. Thousands of staffers from several government agencies need to go to work without pay. This means that almost 800.000 federal employees are working without getting paid as the shutdown is almost reaching the end of the fourth week.

The Shutdown has been affective since 22 December. Due to disagreements about a spending bill. Trump doesn’t want to sign the bill to cancel the shutdown because Democrats are refusing to allocate fund to the wall that trump promised he would build.

Below you can see Cardi B's comments on the shutdown in the video she posted on Instagram.
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