fireman extinguishing fire made by man trying to kill spiders.

California man sets house on fire trying to kill spiders.

Man sets house of parents on fire while trying to exterminate spiders using a fire.

A California man house-sitting for his parents set their house on fire while trying to kill spiders. The man used a blowtorch to get rid of the spiders. Which makes you wonder; just how many spiders were there in this house?

29 firefighters responded to the call of a house fire in Fresno on Tuesday night.

The man told the first responders he had seen many black widow spiders on
the Façade of the home. The man then decided the best way to exterminate them
is using a blowtorch.

California man sets house on fire. The fire department has successfully diminished the fire.

“The man just made a bad decision to use fire instead of insecticide to kill the spiders,” Lee wilding, deputy fire marshal with the Fresno Fire department.

The fire destroyed part of the house, but the man who started the fire was not hurt. “he was still outside when the smoke become visible,” Wilding said.

Officials estimate the blaze caused about $10,000 in damage.

“It is still unclear if the spiders survived the fire. Further investigation will follow.” Nope exterminator, Hans said.

More to follow…

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