Bow wow Arrested

Bow Wow got arrested after he fought with a Woman on the streets.

Bow Wow Arrested after getting into a fight

Rapper Bow Wow has been arrested on battery charges after getting into a fight with a woman. The rapper was arrested on Saturday the second of February. The woman who was later identified as Leslie Holden was also arrested.

Bow Wow whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss and Leslie Holden got into a fight around 4 A.M. last Saturday. When the cops finally arrived, they both claimed that the other person started the fight. Both of them had minor visible injuries and the police didn’t know which one of them was telling the truth. Since they couldn’t make out who started it all, they just decided to arrest them both.

It is not yet clear what started the fight or which one of them was in the right. However, we will post any future updates on the story.

Below you can view the mugshots that were taken.
Bow Wow MUgshot
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