blueface got arrested for gun possession

Blueface got arrested again for gun possession.

Blueface got arrested

Okay so check this out. In Downtown L.A. on Friday around 7 PM, local police got word that some famous rappers were in the area. Out of concern that they could be robbed by gang members they send some cops to check it out. Because apparently, they were carrying some serious stacks and lots of jewellery and there were already some robberies in that area.

Now what happened next, BlueFace and his friends immediately ran off when they spotted the cops. Furthermore, most of them were carrying firearms which they tossed away when they spotted the cops.

BlueFace and two others were taken by the cops and they later discovered that some of the guns were loaded. BlueFace was charged with a felony of possession of a loaded gun. However, he was already released on a 35,000-dollar bail.

In the video below from the youtube channel: Sarah And Melanie Live you can check the arrest.
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