A new stunning research reveals the cure to drug-resistant bacteria!

Is the combination of  probiotics and antibiotics the solution to drug-resistant bacteria?

In order to effectively treat and prevent infections, antibiotics were used
since the 20th century. It is used as medicine against harmful bacteria. However
to much can be harmful.

Over the course of years certain types of bacteria have evolved and grown
more resistant to the use of antibiotics. One of the major threats of today’s society.
In the US alone, over 23,000 deaths happen every year with 2 million illnesses.
The cause is the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.

According to the World Health Organization, these illnesses include Pneumonia, gonorrhoea, tuberculosis and salmonellosis. The illnesses become more and more difficult to treat because of the growing resistance. antibiotic-resistance

Yet, there may be a new break through. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may have identified a new solution. The MIT has revealed that they successfully have eradicated two strains of drug-resistant bacteria which are know to infect wound. onlinelibrary

The paper which is titled “biofilm-inspired Encaspulation of Probiotics for
the Treatment of Complex Infections” has been published in the Journal advanced
materials on Oct. 17.

The treatment that the team of MIT used was not only antibiotics but also probiotics.
Probiotics are known good bacteria. In the past studies and research have
revealed that Probiotics alone was not effective enough to killing off the

However, in this case, chemical engineers from MIT combined a commercially-available
probiotic called Bio-K+ and a antibiotic called tobramycin. This caused the
probiotics to be protected in a shell of alginate, thus preventing the
antibiotics from killing it.


In a laboratory, the research team tested the combination. They were stunned to observe a reaction where all of the pathogenic bacteria were completely wiped out. In other words, the antibiotic/probiotic combination is a potential way to treat injuries from becoming infected.

Further research is being conducted to look into new ways of applying antibiotics
and probiotics together. It may be possible that a new kind of bandage will be
created which will be further embedded with the antibiotics and encapsulated probiotics.
However there is still a long way to go as more further test will be required
to see the true capabilities of this new treatment.

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