Tekashi 6ix9ine jail until trail

5 Reasons why 6ix9ine most likely decided to plead guilty!

6ix9ine pleads guilty to 9 criminal counts!

1. To save himself serving time

Of course, no one wants to serve time. Tekashi has been incarcerated since November, this means he’s been locked up for almost three months now. This is definitely not something the super star is used too. Furthermore, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulder with him rising to stardom in less than a year, imagine giving all that up and going back to nothing again, even worse than nothing 32 years in jail. In addition, his trail will start 6 months from now in September and with him continuously being denied bail it became obvious 6ix9ine started to lose hope.

Not to mention, Tekashi is being accused of multiple charges. He could face up to 32 years in prison. This means that the now 22-year old rapper would have to serve time till he is over 50.  For someone that was at the top of The Rap Game not that long ago to then suddenly have to serve time for 30 years, it must have been too much for 6ix9ine. Now he has a lot better chance of getting less time. there is a good chance his lawyers made him consider snitching on his ex-Gang members, the only thing for us left to do is to just wait and see what will happen in the next few months.

2. 6ix9ine wants to see his family and child.

As mentioned before, 6ix9ine has been in jail for almost three months now and in that time,  he didn’t get to see any of his family. He was allowed one visit from his current girlfriend. However, he only got the one visit and it didn’t seem like he would get more visits any time soon. Not to mention, he would have to serve 32 years in prison meaning he would miss a very big part of his little daughters’ life. Any father would have been devastated if he knew he couldn’t be with his own daughter for 30 years. Just imagine seeing your daughter for the first time and she is older than you were when you went to jail. This must have played a big part in his decision for pleading guilty and helping the government.

3. Tekashi is not safe in prison.

We all know that Tekashi liked to troll and he had beef with many other artists. Such as rapper YG, Juice world, The game etc. There is a big chance that the convicts with whom he will be locked up with or already is locked up with don’t like that s***. 69 is a kid with rainbow hair if that’s not an easy target in jail than I don’t know what is. Of course, he could he cut his hair but what will that do to his career when he gets out. not to mention, he is often accused of being a sex offender which could also play a huge role in him getting targeted in jail.

4. 6ix9ine most likely does not trust his crewmembers anymore.

We all know 69 was kidnapped. It turned out to be that it was his ex-crew members who kidnapped him. The man they arrested for the kidnapping and robbery was Anthony Jamel Ellison of 6ix9ine’s management crew. He allegedly kidnapped 6ix9ine to get revenge on 6ix9ine after he was fired. Anthony was part of Tekashi’s Crew when he was still new to the rap scene. Which is why he felt like he needed a bigger cut of the money and in the end, things escalated to the kidnapping and the robbery. This must have been a heavy shock to 6ix9ine. Honestly, its not weird if this caused 6ix9ine to lose faith in his crew. Not to mention, that 6ix9ine fired his entire crew later on. He mentioned that promoters were stealing his money and that when he confronted them with this that the promoters actually threatened him by exposing parts about his personal life. This most have been huge for 6ix9ine, and one also of the reasons to help the federal government. Let’s be honest, who of us would risk 32 years in prison for people that put you through so much misery.

5. 6ix9ine is not a real gangster.

6ix9ine is most likely just not that gangster. Although I am a huge fan of his trolling and the music that he makes. But its clear Tekashi 6ix9ine is just a persona and I’m not complaining 6ix9ine is hilarious. We can’t expect 6ix9ine to hold his breath and take a few decades prison, sometimes you just need to know when to stop, at the end of the day 6ix9ine is just a kid who lived the dream and is not living in a nightmare.

In the end, this is just my personal view of the whole situation, if you guys have a different opinion just let us know in the comments below.

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