Sergej W. 14 cell after attack on bus BVB

14 years cell for Borussia Dortmund bus bomber Sergej W.

14 years cell for an attack on the players bus of football club Borussia Dortmund

The court in Dortmund declared Sergej W. guilty of 28 times attempted murder. Sergey committed an attack on the players bus of the German football club Borussia Dortmund in April 2017 and it has now been decided that he will have to go to prison for fourteen years.

The explosives went of near the bus when it was on its way from the hotel to their home stadium in Dortmund, for the match against AS Monaca.

Two injured.

When the three explosives went off, the player Marc Batra got injured and a nearby police officer was hit as well. The Public Prosecution demanded a life-long sentence against Sergej. Sergej had carefully studied the route of the player bus and had concealed the bombs in a hedge nearby. He then booked a hotel room nearby, from where he could let the explosives go off.

The reason Sergej planned the attack, was because he hoped the share
price of the Football Club, Borussia Dortmund would fall. He hoped to make a
lot of money out of this as Sergej had borrowed 40,000 euros to buy shares.

Immediate suspect.

Sergej stood out directly. Reports claim Sergej walked down comfortably
after the explosion and ordered a steak, while other hotel guests ran around in

Ten days after the attack, Sergej got arrested at his home in Tubingen. Later, Sergej expressed his regret. He said that he had never intended to make victims. Furthermore, he told the court that he tried to fake a terrorist attack and that the bombs were designed in such a way “That no harm to people could be expected”.

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